Empower yourself with this must read for women entrepreneurs launching & growing a business!

"A Girls Guide to Surviving the Startup: With Your Mind, Body, and Soul Intact" is the first thing we hand to every female entrepreneur we meet. It’s an insightful resource filled with the best tips & tricks to keep your mind, body & soul on point while you’re building a business. 


Serial Entrepreneur & Author, Hilary Johnson, wrote this book out of her own experiences launching, growing, and selling multiple companies. She delivers modern, practical tips into the “startup toolbox” that many early entrepreneurs struggle to acquire. With a giant dose of encouragement and much-needed inspiration along the way, Hilary will help you navigate the startup with ease.

What Readers Had To Say

Honest, straightforward advice and encouragement from someone who has survived her own start-up and relates her experience. I've read this twice…” - Amazon Reviewer, Mindy

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Hilary Johnson, founder of Hatch Tribe and the Members Circle, truly understands the hurdles and challenges women entrepreneurs face on a daily basis, inside the office and out, because she has experienced them firsthand through launching, growing, and selling multiple businesses.

Writing this book is one of the many ways she passes on her experience to thousands of entrepreneurs across the country, and world. Add it to your bookshelf!

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